Feeling like possibly the last single 30-something woman on the planet.
Which is clearly not true, but middle-of-the-road England doesn’t much like living breathing clichés – I am not dating and I live with a cat.
This is most definitely not a dating blog, and is instead about making my way through life alone in a society that is built around couples.
We all know there is more than one way to live a life, yet it feels like everyone around me is married, engaged, expecting a baby, etc, and being the one left behind and on life’s shelf has both benefits and drawbacks.
Probably distinctly average in every way, I somehow feel like there’s a chasm of difference between where normal sits and where I fall (usually on my face, just when I’m trying to be elegant).
The days come and go in a whirl of mediocrity and all the while I’m looking for ‘it’ – the ‘thing’ that will make it all suddenly fall into place and make sense.
I’d love some company for the journey, so, here I am. Please play nicely.


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